Friday, November 6, 2009

Arunthathiyer murder

Arunthathiyar murder

Vanimuthu (Alias) R. Arumugam Aged 48 he was lived in Jawahar Colony in Pattinam kaathan Panchayet, Mandapam Union, and Ramanatha Puram District. He Belongs to Arunthathiar Community. He was worked in Tamil Nadu Water Supply department in Group “D”. Vanimuthu has wife and Three Children. Two sons and one daughter.
Last October 18th (18/10/09) Evening 7:30PM he was Killed by strangers near his house. The next day (19/10/09) morning one person named ‘Pandiyarajan’ from ‘Aasari’ upper caste Community is surrendered in Ramanatha Puram Police Station and gave the statement that “Arumugam had the wrong relationship with his Mother so he killed Arumugam”.
But, That Village Arunthathiyar Community people are refused to accept the statement. Because, there is no any relation between the Murder and the Surrendered Person.
But the real thing was on the basis of Gathering information, there was a community hall built in their village. But, the Key was not hand over to the people. The Panchayet leader Mrs. Kavitha Kathiresan only handling the key.
The Panchayet leader Mrs. Kavitha Kathiresan has the power and support of elected parties. In this condition our Vanimuthu so many times asked and argued about the Community Hall key with the panchayet leader. The panchayet leader threatened Mr. Vanimuthu. So the relationship was broken each other.
That village Arunthathiyar people says Mr. Vanimuthu was supported for Arunthathiar issues .
The People who saw the incident are not witnessing about the murder.
On 19/10/09 in front of Ramanatha Puram Government Hospital the Arunthathiyar Peoples and relatives are rejects to get the Post mortem Body. Because, they insists to arrest the real accused person Mrs. Kavitha Kathiresan. 150 Peoples are involved in road strike. The police arrests 150 people those who are involved in strike including 50 women and case filed against these people. The case was failed against pandiyarajan in SC /ST Act.
Viduthalai Ciruthaigal (VC), Aathi Tamilar Peravai (ATP), Arunthathiar Human Rights Forum (AHRF) are continuously supports this issue.
The real situation is there is no relationship between the incident and the Surrendered person. So the arunthathiyar people’s request is real accused Person want to arrest and punish. Police case filed against the 150 Arunthathiyer for road strike .
1. Need to arrest the real acuest under SC/ST Act
2. Counter case on 150 Arunthathiyers case have to get withdraw