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Study on Arunthathiyar children -Findings

Study on Arunthathiyar children

Manual scavenging impact on Children :
•24% children dropped out from school; 3/4th were boys and 1/4th were girls.
•28 children (upto 18 years of age) from 200 Arundhatiyar families were working.
7 worked in agricultural farms; 12 worked in construction sites, factories and sales jobs.
•There was a high rate of indebtedness of all Arundhatiyar manual scavengers-ranging from below Indian rupees-10,000 to above 60,000. In the villages, large number of families had a debt of Indian rupees- 20,000; In municipalities- Indian rupees 30,000.
•Most loans were taken for the following three categories: medical, construction of homes and education.
•Irony of the situation was that none of the Arunthatiyar families covered under the study in the villages had toilets at home. Only less than half of the families had toilets in municipality or corporations.

School discrimination :

Majority of the students' parents (534) were daily wage earners working as coolie in various sectors.

262 children reported being abused and discriminated on the basis of their caste name.

607 children reported cleaning the schools bathrooms.

148 children reported doing the house hold work of their teachers.

228 children reported being sexually harassed in schools.

Almost 50% of children were denied scholarships opportunities.

532 children dropped out of schools mainly as a result of the discrimination and harassment.

Sumnagali Thittam:
•Almost 85% of the girls worked for more than 12 years.
•1/5th of the children who were working under the Sumangali scheme were illiterate.
•Almost 48% of the girls were enrolled into the scheme through the agents residing in the area and approaching the families.
•Most of the girls (around 98%) quoted ‘poverty’ as the reason for joining

the Sumangali Scheme.

•Nearly half of the girls under the Sumangali Scheme had worked or had been working with an agreed amount of Indian rupees 30,000/- after an aggregate agreement period of three years.
•The nature of work involved long hours of standing (around 12 hours) and working with bare hands operating dangerous machines. Nearly all girl children were forced to work and faced verbal and physical abuse.
Bonded children issue:
•50% of Arunthatiyar children dropped out of schools-mostly 5th standard onwards.
•36% of the children were separated from their family, this category of children were living with single parent or their grandparent or relatives.
•Amount of loan taken by the parents of the bonded child laborer-almost 71% of the loan size between 10 to 50 thousand Indian rupees.
•29% of the loan size was above 50 thousand Indian rupees.
•Nearly 3/4thof child bonded laborers monthly income was one thousand and five hundred Indian rupees.
•1/4th of child labourers earned an income of below 2 thousand Indian rupees.
•A child started working as early as 6 years of age; most children started working from ten years and above.
•Normal working hours were 11 hours-from dawn to dusk.
•Almost all 35 children reported caste discrimination at workplace by the employers-being called derogatively by their caste identity; practice of dual tumbler system; separate bed, food etc was followed for these children by their upper caste employers.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Government department has caste based discrimination

Dr.Jaya .He is belongs to Dalit community .He discriminated in Government hospital .Also fales complaint charged against him .He was suspended .But he fight against discrimination and fales complaint also he demanded for enquiry .12th Nove 2010 .Tirupur Government hospital higher officials did enquiry .During that time he play the drums to enquiry .

This is a situation if Dalits will get higher jobs in private and government they will always discriminate in the name of caste .

Therefore let us fight against the caste based discrimination and protect the human rights .


Saturday, October 16, 2010

SKA-Bus yatra -Kaniyakumari to Delhi for Manual scavening eradication in India

In the name of caste discrimination happening every minutes and hour in India .Among Manual scavenging is inhuman work .It is a caste based work on Dalits .In Tamilnadu on Arunthathiyars(Dalits) .

It has to be eradicate with in December 2010 .Also SKA demanding 5 Laks for dignified rehabilitation ,

5 Aceres cultivate land for rehabilitation with other demand .

Therefore as a human being let us hand join them for eradication of manual scavenging ,and protect the human rights .

Rally web link :

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Arunthathiyar children cleaning toilets

Dear Friends

We can able to understand the caste based discrimination till existing in India every where.But in government schools has different groups among children for conman work for school .But always our Arunthathiyar children get cleaning group .Because of Arunthathiyar community is a manual scavenging community in Tamilnadu .Therefore school teachers doing discrimination on Arunthathiyar children .So all ways our children have to do school toilets cleaning .This should be eradicate in India .Also we not publish children name and school

“Arunthathiyars' kids destined to do conservancy work”

The Hindu news

“Arunthathiyars' kids destined to do conservancy work”

Special Correspondent

Discrimination begins at school

YATRA:Members of the Safai Karmachari Andolan voicing their demands in the city on Friday.

MADURAI: Discrimination of Arunthathiyars began at school with children being asked to clean utensils and toilets, said members of Safai Karmachari Andolan, a movement for elimination of manual scavenging, on Friday.

Addressing a press conference here, members of the andolan, who are on a yatra from Kanyakumari to New Delhi, alleged that the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act 1993 remained only on paper and even officials were unaware of its existence. A. Renuga of Porayar, child of conservancy workers, said that she was asked to clean the toilets and vessels used in noon meal scheme while at school. Though she had managed to study an undergraduate course in the distance education mode, she was not able to make a choice either in studies or career. Karuppasamy of Sathiyamangalam said that children of Arunthathiyars were destined to undertake conservancy work and they were not given a choice even at the Plus One level. Sakthivel of Sivakasi pointed out that children who wanted to study to escape from scavenging work had to do it at school. The plates used to serve noon meal for Arunthathiyar children were marked in black paint, he said.

D. Velanganni, State Convenor, who is leading the yatra, said that their objective was to wean the members of Arunthathiyar community away from scavenging and provide appropriate rehabilitation for them. Though the State Government, in 2003, had denied the existence of manual scavenging in Tamil Nadu, a 2008 survey identified 28 manual scavengers in Nagapattinam district. A 2009 survey found that 174 persons were involved in manual scavenging in 13 districts across the State, he added.

People who had given up manual scavenging had joined the yatra with the intention of motivating others to come out of the inhuman practice. Rajamanickam of Ramanathapuram said that many of the social problems could be solved by putting an end to manual scavenging. Arunthathiyar children were treated as untouchables in classrooms and hence there was a high drop out rate among them.

The yatra, called ‘Periyar Pathai,' is one among the five yatras taken out from different parts of the country to New Delhi. It will culminate in a rally on October 28. The demands of the participants include demolition of dry latrines, implementation of the 1993 Act, award of punishment under SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act for those who forced people into manual scavenging and a comprehensive rehabilitation package.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Launching of Samajik Parivartan Yatra

Launching of Samajik Parivartan Yatra
(For Eradication of Manual Scavenging in India)

Press Release

The Samajik Parivartan Yatra has been flagged off on Wednesday 29th Septmber, 2010 in New Delhi. The liberated safai karmacharis Saroj, Maya Goutam, Anita,Neetu and Mamata from various states released the route maps and demands to symbolise the beginning of Yatra.

Speaking on the occasion, Saroj and others shared their own experiences of pain and suffering associated with manual scavenging. They narrated how they were inducted into the degrading jobs by their mothers or mother-in-laws, who were doing the same jobs from generation to generation. They explained how the dry latrine owners and users and the general public practised untouchability on them. Now that they have stopped doing the manual scavenging work, they feel liberated and are determined to carry the message to all other safai karamcharis in their respective districts and states. Saroja vowed not to rest until the last person is liberated from manual scavenging in this country. They are proud of their participation in rallies, dharnas and burning the baskets, the symbols of the shame of manual scavenging.

Mr. Harsh Mander, renowned intellectual, Social Activist and member of the National Advisory Council commended SKA for mobilising the safai karmacharis and inspiring them to accomplish their liberation and simultaneously enabling the country as a whole to envision a manual scavenging free India. He appreciated SKA for taking the path of persuasion and adopting the legal route to achieve their noble goal, in a non-violent way.

Ms. Usha Ramanathan, an accomplished legal expert and Legal Reform Activist felt that the struggle of Safai Karmacharis under the leadership of SKA will go down in history as phenomenal. A hitherto voiceless people have rallied together from the nooks and corners of India and have made tremendous progress within a short span of time to achieve near total eradication of manual scavenging.

Samajik Parivartan Yatra_routes released by liberated Safai Karmacharis in New Delhi Press club.jpg Saroj,Mamata,Maya,Netu,Anita release Posters.JPG

Saroj,Anita,Maya,Neetu and Mamata launching Samajik Parivartan Yatra & releasing posters

Friday, September 24, 2010

Chennai -Dharna for Annauniversity Arunthathiyar gril sucide by ragging

AHRF -Arunthathiyar human rights forum done a dharna at chennai on 21st sept for Anna University Arunthathiyar girl suicide by ragging .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dharna Invitation on Anna University Arunthathiyar Jothi suicide at Chennai on 21st Sept -Evening 3 Pm to 5Pm

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mUe;jjpah; kdpj chpik mikg;G jkpo;ehL

njhlh;Gf;F : 9865045020

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Arunthathiyar Gril student suside - Fact finding press release


Our AHRF team went to fact finding to Ms.Jothi suside.She is studying first year at Annaunivercity .She is belongs to Arunthathiyar community .She is a first student entering college .She suside because of ragging .

Our team did fact finding ,The report release to press .

The new indian express published our report .

AU student suicide row snowballs

First Published : 09 Sep 2010 03:50:36 AM IST
Last Updated : 09 Sep 2010 08:48:09 AM IST

CHENNAI: A fact-finding team of the Arunthathiyar Human Rights Forum (AHRF) on Wednesday claimed that M Jothi, a first-year engineering student from the community who committed suicide at her village a few days ago, was forced to take the extreme step due to ill-treatment meted out to her on the college campus.Taking suo motu cognizance of the incident, the four-member AHRF team, including a woman, visited Jothi’s village Mullukurichi near Namagiripettai in Namakkal on Monday and conducted an inquiry into the events that led to the suicide.Speaking to Express, K Kumar, a team member, said, “After speaking to about 200 families in the village, including the victim’s, it became evident that she was ill-treated at Anna University because of her community and her classmates ragged her.”Elaborating the findings, Kumar said, “For two weeks before she committed suicide, Jothi had been calling her father Mathavan, a driver, and brother Deepak and informing them about the ill-treatment.”Out of desperation, Jothi also contacted her neighbour (at the village), who helped her to continue education, and informed her about her plight, Kumar said.The fact-finding team also found that Jothi hadn’t initially intended to visit her village. But the humiliation forced her to come home to meet her family.According to Jothi’s brother Deepak, ever since she returned home, she was in a state of trauma and continued weeping the whole day.A two-page report with recommendations seeking immediate action against those students who drove her to take the extreme step would be handed over to the Namakkal district collector on Thursday, Kumar said.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State consulataion on status of Arunthathiyar children

This is the first state level consultation on Arunthathiyar children in Arunthathiyar history .30th August we did Tamilnadu state level consultation on status of Arunthathiyar children conducted at Chennai ,ICSA centre ,It was very good response from different region participants ,We invited NGOs ,State level networks,Campaign organizations ,College professors , Media and Arunthathiyar community leaders .

This is a historical consultation in Tamilnadu ,as special for Arunthathiyar children .We released four study books and we had four study presentation ,based on that interaction with participants .

Last panel was recommendation and plan of action .This panel facilitated by Fr.Manu Director social watch .We got recommendation and plan of action through this consultation ,Therefore we are going to advocacy on children issues ,Sumangalithittam,Bonded children issue,School discrimination ,and manual scavenging children issue .

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Call to abolish bonded labour among children
Call to abolish bonded labour among children

Express News Service

First Published : 31 Aug 2010 03:18:32 AM IST
Last Updated : 31 Aug 2010 09:02:09 AM IST
CHENNAI: The State-level consultation on the status of Arunthathiyar children in Tamil Nadu-India has unanimously recommended the immediate abolition of children forced into bonded labour, to protect their future.
In a meet organised by Arunthathiyar Human Rights Forum (AHRF)-TN here on Monday, more than 100 representatives including 50 intellectuals from different parts of the state unanimously resolved to send 21 recommendations to the state government to protect the human rights of children from the community.
Coordinator of AHRF R Karuppusamy told Express, “A special plan has to be evolved by the state government for abolition of child bonded labour among the Arunthathiyar community across the state.”
Besides suggesting a claim policy for release of bonded labourers from the community, Karuppusamy demanded that a special education package be worked out for the children to prevent them from bonded labour due to family compulsions or caste.
In its 21 recommendations, the consultation meet strongly pitched for the abolition of scavenging by Arunthathiyar children. “The children should not be made to do any scavenging activity in any school or institution. Necessary order has to be passed by the government and any school or institution in which any person is found violating this norm should be punished and penal action taken against them,” Karuppusamy said.
We will be meeting Deputy Chief Minister M K Stalin in mid-September to hand over these recommendations, he added.

Arunthathiyar students discriminated: Study

G Saravanan
Express News Service
First Published : 31 Aug 2010 03:19:33 AM IST
Last Updated : 31 Aug 2010 08:59:52 AM IST
CHENNAI: In a startling revelation, a 13-month field study conducted by the Arunthathiyar Human Rights Forum (AHRF)-TN has revealed that children from the Arunthathiyar community are the most discriminated against in schools.
A study on ‘Exploring the discrimination and caste-based violence aimed at Arunthathiyar children in schools’ conducted by AHRF and released on Monday has vindicated the community’s claim of being discriminated against at every level. The study had begun in February 2009 and was completed in March this year.
Coordinator of AHRFR R Karuppusamy said,“with the help of volunteers from different areas, we conducted the study at 24 villages selected from five districts--Coimbatore, Erode, Ramanathapuram, Sivaganga and Tuticorin--and recorded testimonials of 666 Arunthathiyar students in the age group of 11-14 studying in government schools.”
The focus of the study was to probe into the prevalence of discriminatory practices including caste-based discrimination and exclusion experienced by Arunthathiyar children in schools.
The study has confirmed that Arunthathiyar children are being discriminated against most and forced to do scavenging activities in their schools.
Out of the 666 interviewed, 606 were engaged or forced to clean bathrooms in their schools, noted Karuppusamy.
These ‘activities’ include cleaning the toilets, school premises, vessels used for noon-meals and teacups used by teachers.
The study also found that about 262 of them were being abused and discriminated against on the basis of their caste names while 148 were engaged to do the household chores of their teachers and 228 were being sexually harassed in schools.
The study also suggested various remedial methods to alleviate the problem and to bring back confidence among Arunthathiyar children.
It suggests establishing of a district-level legal advisory forum consisting of Arunthathiyars to bring to the notice of the government issues relating to violence against Arunthathiyar children, child labour or discrimination and caste-based violence.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tamilnadu state level consualataion on Status of (Dalit) Arunthathiyar children

Dear Sir/Madam

Greetings from Arunthathiyar human rights forum (AHRF)

One day consultation on “Status of Arunthatiyar children in Tamil Nadu” at ICSA, Chennai on August 30, 2010

Tamil Nadu is also one of the states which has a high population of the Arunthatiyar community. Arunthathiyars are considered to be the lowest in the dalit hierarchy, the ‘Dalit among Dalits’ - the ‘untouchables’. It is one of the most oppressed, depressed and the poorest among the poor in the Indian Society. In Tamil Nadu, Arunthatiyars are densely concentrated in the western districts namely Coimbatore, Erode, Tirupur, Karur, Namakkal, Salem and Dharmapuri districts and loosely spread over in the other parts of the state. There are about 60,00,000 Arunthathiyars in Tamil Nadu. Their children are most exploited and abused and face discrimination at the hands of the upper caste community and lag behind or outside the sphere of quality education, health, development and participation. The United National Convention on the Rights of Children (UNCRC) core principles of promoting survival, development, protection and participation of children still remain a distant reality for the Arunthatiyar children. The children face rampant discrimination and social exclusionary practices like the two tumbler system, forced to clean toilets in schools, calling them by derogatory names and treating them as untouchables takes these children deeper in the web of exploitation and marginalisation. The look of these children indicates that they are impoverished, malnourished and anaemic.

Within this context, Arunthatiyar Human Rights Forum (AHRF) has established itself as a state level human rights forum since 2005. It comprises of young Arunthatiyar activists working in 14 community based organisations across 12 districts in western Tamil Nadu. AHRF is working specifically towards creating awareness on discrimination and atrocities against Arunthatiyars; eradication of manual scavenging primarily associated with Arunthatiyars; fighting against the scourge of untouchability. The forum’s strategy has been to mobilise and empower the Arunthatiyar community through the following: document and report caste based atrocities faced by Arunthatiyars to National and State level Human rights Institutions; access to quality primary and higher education for Arunthatiyar children; forming thrift and credit societies towards sustainable economic stability and strengthening Arunthatiyar men and women’s political participation. It conducts periodic trainings and leads on research initiatives to gain a deeper understanding of the status of Arunthatiyar women and children in Tamil Nadu.


To build and strengthen a State level Advocacy and Networking Forum to demand rights and entitlements for the Arunthatiyar community

Undertake advocacy and lobbying particularly at State, National and International level to address violence, discrimination and exploitation of the Arunthatiyar community

Assert the social, cultural and political identity of the Arunthatiyar community to ensure non-violation of their fundamental rights

In 2008, four research studies were commissioned by EveryChild[1] through AHRF in order to understand the status of Arundhatiyar children in western Tamil Nadu on the following priority issues:

I. A study to understand the working conditions and context of Arunthatiyar bonded child labourers in Sathyamangalam Block, Erode district-Tamil Nadu

II. A study to understand the occupational impact on the children of manual scavengers from the Arunthatiyar community in Coimbatore, Erode, Ramanathapuram and Salem Districts-Tamil Nadu

III. A Study to understand the situation of Arunthatiyar girls employed under the Sumangali Thittam Scheme in Coimbatore, Dindigul, Erode, Tirupur, and Viruthunagar Districts-Tamil Nadu

IV. A study exploring the discrimination and caste based violence aimed at Arunthatiyar children in schools in Coimbatore, Erode, Ramanathapuram, Shivagangai and Tuticorin districts-Tamil Nadu.

In order to share the key findings and recommendations of the four studies and to pave the way forward, AHRF and EveryChild India invites you to attend the one day consultation on the Status of Arunthatiyar children in Tamil Nadu on August 30, 2010 at ICSA (Inter Church Service Association), Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The main objective of the consultation is to launch the four studies, participate in specific sessions on the four issues and suggest recommendations for specific advocacy and campaign on the four issues; strengthen AHRF’s initiatives to demand social justice for the Arunthatiyar community. Please find the concept note for the consultation attached with this invitation.

We request you to confirm your participation at the earliest-before 20th August, 2010

Contact Mr.Ganesh : 9865045020

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanks and regards,

R. Karppusamy

Convenar , AHRF

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Till existing manual scavening

This photo taken by Coimbatore corporation ,We want eradicate caste based inhuman work ,We have to ensure the Arunthathiyar human rights.This photo taken by Imaigal Govindraj and Narayanasamy .

What happen 1993 manual scavenging eradication Act ? ???????????

Tamilnadu state level consulataion meeting inviataion on Arunthathiyar children issue

Greetings from Arunthathiyer human rights forum (AHRF)

AHRF is state level collective with small Arunthathiyar headed CBOS for collective action .AHRF done four study on
I. A study to understand the working conditions and context of Arunthatiyar bonded child labourers in Sathyamangalam Block, Erode district-Tamil Nadu
...II. A study to understand the occupational impact on the children of manual scavengers from the Arunthatiyar community in Coimbatore, Erode, Ramanathapuram and Salem Districts-Tamil Nadu
III. A Study to understand the situation of Arunthatiyar girls employed under the Sumangali Thittam Scheme in Coimbatore, Dindigul, Erode, Tirupur, and Viruthunagar Districts-Tamil Nadu
IV. A study exploring the discrimination and caste based violence aimed at Arunthatiyar children in schools in Coimbatore, Erode, Ramanathapuram, Shivagangai and Tuticorin districts-Tamil Nadu
Based on this study we are going to conduct the state level consultation on Status of Arunthatiyar children in Tamil Nadu at Chennai Egmore ,on 30th August ,ICSA centre .
Therefore we will invite to you for this consultation.

Contact number : 9842090035
Thanking you

With regards


Thursday, August 12, 2010

(Dalit) Arunthathiyar cultural night -Photo link

Dear Sir

Greetings from Arunthathiyar human rights forum (AHRF) !!!

Thank you for your support and solidarity

AHRF is state level collective with small Arunthathiyar headed CBOS for collective action .

Recently AHRF conducted 3rd state level cultural night at Tamilnadu ,Ramweshwaram ,

Our Arunthathiyar movement leaders,Dalit leaders, left leaders ,Cultural teams ,specially Arunthathiyar traditional teams,
They participated .It is a historical event for Arunthathiyar community .Through Art form we mobilise the our Arunthathiyar community ,We demand our rights .

I am given below the cultural night some of photos

Thanking you

With regards


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Manuela scavenger’s community (Bhangi) Protest in front of Municipality office at Savanur with forming man Extract on their Head, and explored their D


Manuela scavenger’s community (Bhangi) Protest in front of Municipality office at Savanur with forming man Extract on their Head, and explored their Denial of Human Rights from Government officers and politicians.


Dalit Human Rights Organizations federation (DHRO) Karnataka and Jana arogy ahandolana (JAAK) Karnataka, Savanur Manual scavengers Incident Fact finding team was visited to savanur on 29th July 2010, Team Members are Mr.K.B.Obalesh,DHRO/JAAK, Mr. S.Baligar, VRDS, Ranibennur, Mr.Karibasappa, JAAK, Mr. Chandrasekhar, Dalit foundation, New Deli, Mr. Manjunath, Davanagere, Mr. Laksman, Jathi vinash vedike Bangalore were visited on 29th july 2010,and mobilized the facts,

With this the team Distributed 2 quintal of Rice for Temporary Rehabilitation.

Savnur is a small town thalluka head quarter of Haveri District,Karnataka,around 20KM distance from Haveri, in savanur town there is 14 scheduled cast, (sc, Bhangi) community families are living last from 75 years in kamala bandigi area, near Municipality and Talluka social welfare office, in small Tin sheets tents, Bhangi community main occupation is manual scavenging, cleaning toilets and drainages, and also cleaning of various Governments offices, o officers and staffs Houses toilets, (34 years back Manual scavenging system was eradicate by Governments)present Bhangi families are Migrated from Andrapradesh, Anathapur District, Dharmavaram long back,

6 families of old aged peoples were died with the effect of manual scavenging work in the age of 45-50 years, (10 to 12 years Back) after this fathers and forefathers now present families are containing this occupation,

present the 14 families are living in Kamala bandage area this houses places was contributed from Navab’s, Navab is a king of that local area during Nijam kingdoms, Because of the community was Involving in Manual scavenging work unfortunately 14 families of bhangi have no any documents, but their are living in this place from more then 70 years, present 14 families both men an women’s and children’s, all the men and women’s are youths, Total 15 children’s are there all the children’s 0-16 years old, 02 boys are school drop out, helping there fathers in Manuel scavenging work(Yesu, venkatesh)

There living condition is very bad, there is no toilets, drainage, Water, food security, as well as no any basic amenities, since 70 years . very recently municipality provide one water tap.

Regarding this many times the Bhangi community peoples was given request, memorandums to related officers, but all the officers neglect their applications.

Very recently local municipality and local politician were planned to Demolition the bhangi houses and build a new shopping complex under savanur municipality grants, from that day local Muslim ward members and officials are planned to give torturer for bhangi community women’s and youths, first step is Removing water tap, and open chicken stalls in front of bhangis houses, start throwing Dirty things to bhangi houses, many times bhangis are questioned , and complained to municipality but related officers not taken any action the officers are Involved with local politician, when the manual scavengers questioning by the time started to give torturing and warning , shouting with bad words, and Insulting women’s, and like many type of violence’s,

In the month of January Bhangi community peoples were Given complaints to Divisional Commissioner regarding houses , on 27th of January the Divisional commissioner was considered their Demand was justices so that he as recomandaded to Haveri District commissioner to take appropriate action,

But DC was not taken any action. From this year many times appealed to municipality and divisional commissioner, finally on 19th of July Bhangi s are given written application that they are going to start protest in front of Municipality by the time the chief officer shouted and insulted ordered to vacate Immediately from the present place he never shows the alternative place, then the bhangi are start thinking for alternative ways did not find any thing finally start protest in front of

Savaur Municipality office by faring Man extract on their Head and body,

With this Incident Bhangi families are suffered mentally and physically very bad, insulted in publicly children’s and women’s are feels very shames this the Incidents were happen because of

Related officials and local Muslim ward Members torture

Now because of this Incident focused in Media in high level all savanur citizens and officials, ward Members are aware stop torture, at the same time their work stopped no one will not giving work bhangi community families know only work that cleaning man holes, toilets removing man extract,

They do not know any other work, now childrens, old age peoples and women’s are searching for daily food,

Fact Finding Team observations:

  1. From more then 70 years Bhangis Families are engaged in manual scavenging work

  1. Social welfare office is very near to Bhangi houses never observed these families (34 years back Got was eradicated this occupation, social welfare deportment have responsibility to take care of scheduled cast community as well as Bhangi families)

  1. The local Government offices and all offices staffs and officers including police station are utilized to bhangi community for manhole cleaning and manual scavenging work.

  1. last from 70 years this community do not have any type of social security, and minimum basic amenities (PDS Card, voter ID, Job, health facilities, water, drainage systems, and houses)
  2. In Haveri district many places the Bhangi families are engaged in Manual scavenging work but District administration never observed and not taken any action, so for motivating to

  1. Savanur Municipality was not provided any basic amenities for bhangi families why?

  1. In these Incident Many local non Dalit politicians, non Dalits, Got officers are involved to vacate this place from untouchable families.

  1. Savanur Municipality, social welfare department, police dept, District commissioner was violated prevention Atrocity on sc/st act 1989,and Abolition of Manual scavenging act, very clearly

  1. 2 children are drop out and supporting their parents in manual scavenging work, so Education department and related departments are violated child Rights

  1. The district administration ignored in providing Basic fundamental rights like PDS,CARD,Voter ID, health facilities, water, sanitation, drainage , houses,

  1. DC was ignored and violated Regional commissioners order dated 27/1/2010, R.COM.BELGUM,SC-ST/VU-7/09-10,

  1. More then 6 Bhangi families are died in the age of 45-50years.


  • Immediately take action and stop manual scavenging system in various part of Karnataka state.

  • Register criminal case under prevention of sc/st atrocity act1989, on related Got officers, (Municipality, social welfare, police, Haveri DC, Elected representatives, Muslim ward members, and chicken stall owners, and others)

  • Provide immediately proper houses for 14 Bhangi families at same place, do not Displace 14 families at any cost.

  • Provide alternative Income generation activities for Bhangi families, at any cost do not allow them to manual scavenging work,

  • So for Government was promised such development programmers with out fail sanction all the programmers in regular time frame,

  • Social welfare department should take monitoring role and Implement the Livelihoods for Bhnagi families.
  • All Bhangi families’ children admit in Reputed Residential schools, like (Navoday, Murargidesai, and Kendriya vidyalaya) and ensure their Higher education.

  • Immediately provide all Basic Amenities like Voter ID, Ration card, Water and Sanitation systems, Medical checkup, and treatments,

  • Provide each family 2 Acer of Land for their sustainable Development.

  • Immediately provide High level Medical treatment for Mr. Krishnappa and other who require treatment,

Reported By K.B.Obalesha