Sunday, September 25, 2011

Arunthathiyar(Dalit) songs

Dear Father Greetings from rights education and development centre(READ) READ is a non profit volunteer rights based organisation working with Dalit(Arunthathiyar) children women and youth Who are the Arunthathiyar ( Locally negalacted,Globally unknown,We are dalits among dalits Arunthathiyer- The Arundhatiar people (also known as Chakiliar) are one of the most marginalized people, even among the Dalits, and are exploited by the dominant communities in India. There are 60 lakhs Arunthathiars in Tamilnadu, mostly residing in the western districts. They can be called Dalit among Dalits. They are often compelled to do very menial, undignified jobs such as manual scavenging.) Our mails tone we brought out a awerness songs for Arunthathiyar community ,which 8 songs ,all songs by Arunthathiyar youths ,written ,lyrics,singing. Therefore we would like to share all songs in youtube with English sub title . This songs about children ,women and youth
Hear Our story All songs
Song 1 Erimalai
Song 2 Chinnam siru vayasula
Song 3 Athi Tamila
Song 4 Reddai Jadai pottukitu
Song 5 Arunthathiya makkalae
Song 6 Pallikudam pogum
Song 7 Namma kada kelunga
Song 8 Puyalena purappadu

Thanking you With regards R.Karuppusamy Director Cell: 9842090035