Saturday, July 23, 2011

Arunthathiyar awerness songs

Dear Friends!!!

In the name of Dalit we are discriminating since 2000 years .In various forms of attrocities .Among the dalits one of the majar caste Arunthathiyar .They are in Tamilnadu manual scavengers.Their children also become tradionaly sacevngers .We need to eradicate this caste based occupation .First genaration youth from Arunthathiyar bring out the audio CD with songs for empowerment of Arunthathiyars .

Friends music with song.if you want please contact us .Thanking you with solidarity R.Karuppusamy

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dalit(Arunthathiyar) awerness songs

Dear Friends

Greetings from READ(rights education and development centre)

READ is a non profit Arunthathiyar headed organisation working with Arunthathiyar children education ,Arunthathiyar women development ,Since 2001 at Erode.Dt .

Recently READ team recorded awerness songs about Arunthathiyar education,rights etc..

This song CD has 8 songs .Written by Mr.Bannan ,

Therefore ,If you want song CD .Please contact Mr.Karuppusamy cell.9842090035

We will sent post donation Rs.100 if you want give more please

Song link :

Thanking you