Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dharna for Dalit(Arunthathiyer) bariyel ground

Dear Friends

All you knew sandal wood VEERAPPAN at Sathyamangalam here till existing untouchability and atrocities .

Here some example discrimination two glass system in public tea shops .There is no entry in common temple .

Dalit(Arunthathiyer) till they have to tell death message for upper caste .

Therefore tomorrow on 31st 2009 ,DYFI,and Untouchability eradication front jointly organize the Dharna at Sathyamangalam .

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stop Manual Scavening - India -2010

Dear Friends

18th Dec 2009 Safai Karamachary Andolan(SKA) Conducted state level consultation for eradicate inhuman dignity on Manual scavenging at Chennai -Asha nivas . This state level consultation discuss various issues and recommendation.

2010 as a peoples organizations with Manual scavengers they will conduct the state level conformance for eradicate manual scavenging .This is not only that but also peoples declaration for "we will not do Manual scavenging " This is a political declaration for state and society .