Friday, September 24, 2010

Chennai -Dharna for Annauniversity Arunthathiyar gril sucide by ragging

AHRF -Arunthathiyar human rights forum done a dharna at chennai on 21st sept for Anna University Arunthathiyar girl suicide by ragging .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dharna Invitation on Anna University Arunthathiyar Jothi suicide at Chennai on 21st Sept -Evening 3 Pm to 5Pm

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Arunthathiyar Gril student suside - Fact finding press release


Our AHRF team went to fact finding to Ms.Jothi suside.She is studying first year at Annaunivercity .She is belongs to Arunthathiyar community .She is a first student entering college .She suside because of ragging .

Our team did fact finding ,The report release to press .

The new indian express published our report .

AU student suicide row snowballs

First Published : 09 Sep 2010 03:50:36 AM IST
Last Updated : 09 Sep 2010 08:48:09 AM IST

CHENNAI: A fact-finding team of the Arunthathiyar Human Rights Forum (AHRF) on Wednesday claimed that M Jothi, a first-year engineering student from the community who committed suicide at her village a few days ago, was forced to take the extreme step due to ill-treatment meted out to her on the college campus.Taking suo motu cognizance of the incident, the four-member AHRF team, including a woman, visited Jothi’s village Mullukurichi near Namagiripettai in Namakkal on Monday and conducted an inquiry into the events that led to the suicide.Speaking to Express, K Kumar, a team member, said, “After speaking to about 200 families in the village, including the victim’s, it became evident that she was ill-treated at Anna University because of her community and her classmates ragged her.”Elaborating the findings, Kumar said, “For two weeks before she committed suicide, Jothi had been calling her father Mathavan, a driver, and brother Deepak and informing them about the ill-treatment.”Out of desperation, Jothi also contacted her neighbour (at the village), who helped her to continue education, and informed her about her plight, Kumar said.The fact-finding team also found that Jothi hadn’t initially intended to visit her village. But the humiliation forced her to come home to meet her family.According to Jothi’s brother Deepak, ever since she returned home, she was in a state of trauma and continued weeping the whole day.A two-page report with recommendations seeking immediate action against those students who drove her to take the extreme step would be handed over to the Namakkal district collector on Thursday, Kumar said.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

State consulataion on status of Arunthathiyar children

This is the first state level consultation on Arunthathiyar children in Arunthathiyar history .30th August we did Tamilnadu state level consultation on status of Arunthathiyar children conducted at Chennai ,ICSA centre ,It was very good response from different region participants ,We invited NGOs ,State level networks,Campaign organizations ,College professors , Media and Arunthathiyar community leaders .

This is a historical consultation in Tamilnadu ,as special for Arunthathiyar children .We released four study books and we had four study presentation ,based on that interaction with participants .

Last panel was recommendation and plan of action .This panel facilitated by Fr.Manu Director social watch .We got recommendation and plan of action through this consultation ,Therefore we are going to advocacy on children issues ,Sumangalithittam,Bonded children issue,School discrimination ,and manual scavenging children issue .