Friday, February 26, 2010

Dalit Leaders against the Arunthathiyar(Dalit) reservation

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Dalit leaders against the Arunthathiyer reservation.
Dalit means ,it is not a caste it is a identity for caste discriminating people .Arunthathiyer is one among Dalit .In the name of caste Arunthathiyer facing last 2000 years discrimination and atrocities .Arunthathiyers are till manual scavengers .

Arunthathiyers asking thier constitutional rights for reservation . we are now 2010 .But till Arunthathiyer are manual scavengers .Arunthathiyers asking thier birth rights in India .Even Arunthathiyer Dalit among Dalits .

Today we can understand how caste system influence to Dalits discriminating to Dalit(Arunthathiyers). Braminical and Hinduthuva is among dalits .Please see the The Hindu news
Dalit leaders to challenge Arunthathiars Act Special Correspondent
“It is unconstitutional on the part of the government to have framed the Act”

CHENNAI: A forum of Dalit leaders will challenge Arunthathiars Act 2009 in the Madras High Court.

[The law provides three per cent reservation to Arunthathiars within the 18 per cent reservation available to Adi-Dravidars]

K. Krishnasamy, president of the Puthiya Tamizhagam and leader of the forum, told reporters here on Thursday that a similar law had been enacted in Andhra Pradesh, which was struck down by the Supreme Court.

In the light of these precedents, it was unconstitutional on the part of the Tamil Nadu government to have framed the Arunthathiars Act, providing quota within reservation, Dr. Krishnasamy said, referring to Vice-Chairman of the National Commission for SC, N.M. Kamble’s description of the Act as unconstitutional.

‘Panjami’ lands

The forum also demanded the government release a White Paper on the status of reservation for Dalits in political, economical, social, educational and government sectors besides allocation of ‘Panjami’ lands in the State within the next three months. Within a week, the government should submit details of various projects implemented under the special component plan programme, he added.


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