Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Life skill training for scavengers children

Double Brace:  

Life skill training for scavengers children on 12th and 13th May 2012 at Sathyamangalam,Erode.dt,TN.

Last 12th and 13th  May 2012 .We conducted two days our children camp at Sathyamangalam hill area ,Kadmpur TRED training centre.11th night our children and volunteer reached to training centre .Totaly 62 ,children 43 volunteers and trainer 19 . They are 8th class to 10 class .This training more focus on girl children ,12th morning we started training with Dr.Amedkar awareness song and self introduction .

First session we started social analyzes ,

It is small  number game .Each group they discussed ,personal level ,family level and society level ,What are the issues or discrimination facing .

Children given lot of answer.
Second level :
We given group game for discussion :
Why we are drop out from the school ,what are the reason .
How we can stop the drop outs from the school .

Why our community doing child marriage

How we can stop ,what are the steps ?
Why traditionally our community doing scavenging?
How we can stop ,what are the steps ?
This session is wonderful experience with the children .
Then we taken class for life skill training
This training focus on how we can take decision in difficult circumstances
Like school drop out,child marriage and traditional scavenging   .
Also we link alternative skill,problem solving skill  and other skills.

This sessions we done roll play ,games,group discussion .
In this two days we teach awareness songs and Dr.Ambedkar and Periyar life stories .
We hope this 43 children will not become a scavenger in their life .

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