Thursday, October 2, 2008

Arunthathiyer Girl children forcly used in toilet clean

Arunthathiyer Girl children forcly used in toilet clean

In Tamilandu, Villankuruchi village is situated in the Coimbatore north Taluk, there is a government middle school where about 350 children are studying and 9 teachers are working. There are 13 toilets in the school for use of teachers and children. In the above scenario, for the past many years, Arunthathiyar ( a dalit sub caste ) children only have to clean the toilets in the morning and evening. With scant respect for their health and education by the school head master and teachers who forcibly asked the Arunthathiyar community students to do this despicable work.

The Arunthathiyar community children complained to their parents regarding this injustice which was happening to them for a long time. Some of the parents went to the school to meet the head master and complain. The headmistress Ms.Filomina and teacher Ms.Umamaheswari ( belonging to Pallar caste – sub caste of Dalits) got angry and abused the parents and beat the children who reported this incident mercilessly by locking them in a class room and also by physical torture. They also threatened the parents by telling them that they will dismiss their children from school and ruin their life and future.

On 31-7-08, About 90 affected children with their parents approached the Coimbatore District collector personally and presented a petition regarding the atrocities happening to their community, for more than half-an-hour. They also requested the department take action against the school head master and teacher. The collector also promised to take action against the erring headmistress and teacher. A formal police complaint was also filed vide u/s 323 3(1) (x) SC/ST PA Act, FIR No. 178/2008, Dated 31.7.2008 in the kovil palayam police station which is near the concerned school in Coimbatore.

Due to the interference of the upper caste party politicians and also upper caste government officials no action has been taken against the school headmistress and the teacher till date. And they have not been arrested till yet.

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