Thursday, October 2, 2008

Erode.Dt,Sathyamangalam Tk.Chikkarasampalayam Arunthathiyer girl child Punitha (14 age) rap and murder

Erode.Dt,Sathyamangalam Tk.Chikkarasampalayam Arunthathiyer girl child Punitha (14 age) rap and murder

In the Sathyamanagalam Taluk of Erode District in Tamilnadu, in the Chikarasam palayam village is located, a government Hr.Sec. School where about 400 students are studying. Among them Arunthathiyar children are also studying. In the above situation, the arunthathiyar students who come to school 5 minutes late are punished by sending them home and not allowing them to attend class, intentionally. This has been the practice for a long time without any consideration on the part of the school administration regarding the student’s future and education.

In this village, Mr.Sakthi(38) a arunthathiyar is working as bonded labour in a farm in Thanirpanthal thotam, his daughter Punitha(14) studying in the above school in the 8th std. On the date of incident i.e. (08.08.08) Punitha as usual went to school in the morning. But unfortunately she was late by 5 minutes, the school teacher sent her back with the intention of degrading the Arunthathiyar community children purposefully. On her way back, on a lone road some miscreants belonging to the caste Hindu community, kidnapped Punitha and brutally raped and killed the girl who was barely a teenager in her adolescent and she had not yet attained puberty. The miscreants who committed this heinous crime behaved in an animal fashion even though they were fully aware they are purposefully committing this act on small child belonging to the Arunthathiyar community.

The postmortem was conducted in the Sathyamanagalam Gov. Hospital and police complaint was also filed in the Sathyamanagalam police station. But till date, nobody was arrested which shows the lack of respect for the community and womanhood. Due to the above situation, children from the Arunthathiyar community are frighten to go school.


suresh said...

This barbarian activity is a shame for indian culture , to know this had happened in the country where woman's are praised as God,

This type of Crime should be controlled and banned then and there by the goverment of tamilnadu , Else atleast Human right commision should handle this for the right person to be Punished shortly.

MUNUSAMY said...

This community is still fighting for social Independence from other communities.