Thursday, June 26, 2008

Arunthathiyer Bonded labour murder

Erode .Dt,Sathyamangalam .Tk,Alathugomai Arunthathiyer village Mr.Subramani (45) .He is belongs Arunthathiyer .He married .He is also Bonded labour last ten years at Kothamangalam Mr.Kariyappagounder agricultural form .

Last 22,23 June he taken leave .After leave 24th he came to work .This Kariyappagounder agricultural form has been electrical power given pencing around his form .This is illegaly given for animals .Beacuse of Kothamangalam is a near hill area .
Our Arunthathiyer Subramani went to Sugarcan form .During that time electrical power is in the line border ..Electrical power was leakage to sugarcan .As usaly he do his work .Power was attacked him .He died .
Bhavanisagar police file case .But higher caste gounders try to compermaise this case ..

So,This area illegaly giving elecrical power for agricultaral forms bonderies .Also many animals has been dieing

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Subha Sanjeev said...

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