Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where is social Justice

Atrocities murders on Arunthathiyers* (dalit) continually happening at Western district ,Tamilnadu -
To day our country has Indian constitution ,Law enforcement ,National human rights commission and state human rights commission ,police department, ,judicial and world wide UN and other human rights organizations there but discrimination against dalits continually happen .
Ø 1996 at coimbatore collectoreate with in the campus Mr.Veeran Arunthathiyer(dalit) .He was put him self fire and died . He one of the candidate in panjayat election .He demand recounting the vote in his panjat at poondi Tirupur union ,coimbatotre .Ø Jan 2005 coimbatore near Pollachi Mr.Sankaran live with burn murder by gounders ,Ø Jan 2005 coimbatore near pollachi ,Arthanaripalaya palanisamy murderØ April 2005, Erode.dt Sathyamangalam Near Karapadi Mr.Kunjan (Arunthathiyer ) murder by upper caste.Ø Sept 2004, Erode.dt uttukuli Mr.Selvaraj murder by upper caste,Ø 2005 Coimbatore three manual scavengers gas attack death If we will collculate the Arunthathiyers murder is going .
In Tamilnadu among dalit three major caste is there Pallar, Paraiyer, Sakkiliyer (Aruthathiyer). Sakkilyers till today in tamilnadu socio,education, economic and political status is compare with other two dalit group very, very low.This community living in western district of Tamilnadu (Erode, Coimbatore, Nilagri, Salem, Namakka, Dhindukal, Karuru, Krishnakri, Dhramapuri those districts). Total population 65 lakhs to 70 lakhs . Coimbatore district, Sulur taluk, Kamakanaikam palayam, Mr.Sampath is married. He belongs to Aruthathiyer (dalit). He has three children .His work is centering building contractor. Last month he work did near spinning mill centering work. There mill owner Mr.Shanmugam did not give proper wage. He raised question against him. But owner is upper caste Gounder. In coimbatore district gounder is dominated community .All level decision making p! ower. Gounders has most of land holders .Gounder Shanmugam and his upper caste labor suddenly beaten him .He went to given complaint against Shanmugam at Sulur police station .But station inspector Mr.Subramani refused his complaint. He plan and went coimbatore collector office on 25.04.2005 Monday. Every Monday collector get direct complaints from public.25.04.2005 after noon at collector campus ,he has already characin oil. He worried and totally he lose his confidence .Suddenly put characin oil his body put fire him self. Police came and off fire his body. He was admitted in the government hospital coimbatore. After collector all higher officials were came and meet him. He told all the incident, he demand arrest Shanmugam gounder, collector assured.In between all the dalit movement leaders like Aathitamilar peravai, Puthiyatamilagam, Samthuvamunnai, Aathitamilar veduthalai munnai are together and demand arrest accused and sulur police station inspector subramani. Now FIR only register against shanmugam gounder. His partner now arrested. He was ups handing 28.04.2005 Mr.Sampath was died ,there fore tension in government hospital all the dalit leaders are came and together joined. Higher official commissioner came and given assure will arrest accuse .Now district administration given 1.5 lakhs for family relief .So this kind of murders will happen continually. Now Arunthathiyers are raising question against discrimination ….Please give your solidarity and support to who are dalit among dalit Arunthathiyers in Tamilnadu

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kuppusamy said...

My dear friend,
Irrespective of caste like paraiyar,pallar,and sakkiliyer all the daliths in whole India suffered lot in each and every moment of life.In tamilnadu daliths were seperated by caste,thats why they could not succeeded in politics and remain they are treated as "ottupodum kuppaigal" by the politicians.The single tablet to cure all the disease, that is atrocities against daliths, discrimination etc that faced by daliths, is nothing but winning the political power,and to become powerful in politics.The very first step to win the political power is identifying our true leader who is capable to obtain political power to daliths.shall we start searching for our true leader?
The search result will be made available shortly.