Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stop Mnaual scavening ..Video from Sathyamangalam


Radha said...

Dear Mr. Karuppa Swamy,

Thank you so much for your efforts of highlighting the plight of our brothers and sisters belonging to the arunthathiyers and madiga community.
But such a practice is not just confined to remote parts, even in a cities like Bangalore, when their is sewage blockage at homes, its the members of these marginalised communities (who are hired as contract labourers by the municipalities) who come and do much horrfying jobs, of getting into the blocked drains and have to clean them manually.
Its a shame on our culture and civilization.
Hence I feel we need to talk about solutions rather than just expressing our opinions to this inhuman issue. Cause I am sure any person with an iota of humanism in her/him would not have the heart to speak against supporting the cause. I feel through your blog you should request readers to come up with a solutions they think could help in totally removing this practice at all levels and happening directly or under a guise of employment.
I am sure just a official ban or a policy would do very little in addressing it, this being a social and a logistical issue.
We need to educate not just the people in power or the upper caste or class, but mainly even those people who come on to roads to shit should realise that their is some one who has to clean this dirt. We as community facilitators should target them and bring in awareness of better hygenie and help them to adopt beter sewage practices rather than open defecating which leads to both social and health problems.
At the government level we need to lobby for getting better toilet facilities for the poor, which would solve this problem to a large extent.
And in urban areas we need to lobby with the government to arrange more hitech machines to do these kind of jobs of cleaning sewage pipes and gutters.
We also need to educate our friends from madiga and other marginalised communities from accepting these inhuman jobs, in the lure of job, money or alchohol.

In addition to all these we need to mobilise the support of people from other class and communities in speaking against such practice at thier family and community level.
I think these steps would help rather than making it a political or a governmental agenda.
And once again let me congratualate u and your team,for the tremendous efforts of using technology for serving a much needed cause.
If their is anything I could in my personal capacity, do let me know.

Anonymous said...

This is the worst thing in the world which human beings cannot bear.This practice and the persons who are the causes for this should be condemned.
We talk talk about human dignity . After seeing this I think Whole Tamilnadu will have to look into this matter seriously and find a solution.

thomas fernando

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